We focus on representing clients at all stages of prosecution and in all types of court proceedings related to crime. The Attorney’s Office of Łukasz Wróblewski represents clients who in the above mentioned proceedings have the status of a suspected person, a suspect, the accused or the victim of crime, injured party.

We provide professional legal services connected with criminal law, inter alia:

  • drafting of pleadings, motions for evidence, appeals, cassation statements and any other documents in criminal proceedings,

  • defence at any stage, in all types of criminal cases

  • professional advices and legal support in cases connected inter alia with crimes against life and health, money and securities trading, property

  • participation in litigation as a private accuser

  • legal aid in economic criminal cases

  • preparing summonses, petitions and legal opinions

We take into consideration the welfare of our Clients and we act in their interests. We guarantee individual attitude towards the legal problem, fulfilment of our liabilities and we preserve confidentiality.